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What is this cracked out mess?


I don’t…I don’t…what?

"Bam! Snacks on snacks!"

Naughty Language!

Representing the opposite point of view:

I am a swearer. I’m also a writer. My vocabulary consists of every word I know (except racial epithets, which this whole thread has had the good sense not to equate with standard curse words). I enjoy using strong language as one of many tools in my arsenal to add verve and color to my conversation and writing, and there are many people in my life who feel the same way. These tend to be people of my generation, but not exclusively.

I am NOT aggressive, and I disagree heartily with those who equate swearing with aggression. Yes, words can hurt, but almost any word can be used in a non-hurtful way – just as almost any word can be used hurtfully. I also disagree with the idea that my choice to swear makes me low-class in some way…but I guess I don’t care very much about impressing people who would dismiss me as “low-class” anyway.

I am also an adult. As such, I’m capable of modifying my behavior to suit circumstances. I don’t swear in the office, or around my elders (of a previous generation), or around children. I don’t swear around anyone who has requested that I not use strong language around them – I respect their request.

But in a setting of my peers, my vocabulary is what it is, and I see nothing wrong with that. To me, swear words are like pepper – use to taste, but don’t go blowing them in people’s faces.